Intimo Natural Feminine Wash


For Sensitive

PRINCICARE with physiological pH 4.5 ensures prevention and protection in specific physiological situations:

  • redness, itching, mild irritation, vaginal discharge
  • perinatal hygiene even in the case of hemorrhoids
  • bacterial and fungal vulvitis, vaginitis
  • pregnancy, postpartum, menstrual cycle
  • pre-and post-operative prophylaxis gynecological surgery
  • vaginal dryness at any age
  • odor

A soft foam gently removes epithelial cells and mucus containing microorganisms. Its formula is enriched with moisturizers, soothing and refreshing properties that meet the physiology of the genital mucosa, the acid pH 4.5 maintains and restores the correct degree of vaginal acidity.Thanks to the combination of its active ingredients with proven efficacy, and to its dermatological tolerability it proves to be a product indicated for the daily use as an intimate cleanser and tolerated even prolonged use.

Microbiologically controlled, free of preservative, surfactants and allergenic perfumes, its formulation in spray reduces the risk of product contamination and deterioration.